You were great!  Our trip to the City was a resounding success and it was largely due to your selfless participation. Your knowledge of the repositories, your patience with everyone's questions and your ability to guide each person in their personal research, made this a very special trip for our group.

We were so fortunate that you were able to join us, and lead us, on our genealogical journey to the National and Municipal Archives and the Center for Jewish History. It was a great follow-up to your well-received presentation at our Society earlier this year.  Not only that, you took on an even greater challenge by helping us negotiate the NYC subway system! 

Personally, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful role model, engaging teacher and energetic inspiration, and your support for this trip was a great gift. You are a tireless researcher, and I highly recommend you and KinFinderNYC, to anyone in need of assistance with their search for family.

Richard Goldman, President, Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland

In many ways you have served as my second set of eyes in many genealogy projects and I am so grateful to have made this connection with you.