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Document Searches
We can search for documents such as certificates of birth, marriage and death, naturalization records and medical examiner reports, often based on limited information.

Missing Person Searches
We have experience finding long-lost friends and relatives worldwide.

We can establish kinship to satisfy the legal requirements for the distribution of an estate.

Real Estate Records 
We can research the ownership and transfer history of addresses in New York City and surrounding counties. 

Complete Family History
We will research and prepare a complete family history on a branch or family group.  We will provide you with copied of all supporting documents, a report and tree chart for your records.  We are also happy to present our findings and answer questions at a family gathering.

We have extensive experience lecturing to groups, including children, to demonstrate the research materials available and the information they can illustrate. We will be happy to create a talk tailored to your family or group.

Free Consultation 
We will meet with you in person, by phone, or email to determine the most productive course for your project.  After this consulation, we will set up a mutually agreeable fee schedule.  Most projects are best governed by an hourly rate (with expenses reimbursed at cost), although a flat fee may be appropriate in some cases. 


  • At the start of a project, we require the deposit of a retainer against which progress payments are deducted.
  • Updates are sent regularly by email, unless determined otherwise.
  • Receipts will be submitted for all reimbursable expenses (i.e. travel outside New York City, archives fees, copies, etc.). 
  • Invoices will be sent monthly or at the completion of the project (whichever is first). 
  • We accept personal checks, money orders and PayPal. 
  • Every effort will be made to find the information requested, but results cannot be guaranteed.
  • Lauren Shulsky Orenstein is not an attorney and does not give legal advice.  We work with attorneys at times and, if requested, an appropriate referral can be made.